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Waste heat recovery systems

In recent years, the increasing cost of energy combined with stringent environmental requirements for the reduction of CO2 has led to a growing interest in all energy recovery systems . Over the last years, ATS has developed its own know-how in this field, and in particular in the conversion of waste heat from the flue gases into electrical energy.

Such systems, designed in order to optimize the their performances, and often studied in accordance with the flue gas treatment plant existing or future, are generally composed by a boiler through which pass the fluid (usually water/steam or thermal oil ) able to recover the energy required by the system. Once heated it will be possible to use such a fluid, or for process purposes, or, by their expansion inside a generator, for the energy production.

The know-how of ATS in this field allows to choose the most appropriate technical solutions and materials to ensure maximum performances while maintaining the reliability of the equipment proposed.