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Fabric filters

The fabric filters are among the equipment that can provide the best results in performance level with regard to
the dust removal.

The working principle is very simple: in a pulse jet fabric filter, a wire cage in each bag keeps it from collapsing during normal filtration. As the flue gas passes from the outside of the bag through the filtering media, the particulate forms a cake on the surface of the bag. Cleaning the filter bags is accomplished by introducing controlled pulses of compressed air into each filter bag through a blowpipe and
orifice assembly mounted just above the filter bag. These short-duration pulses of air exit the blowpipe orifices and travel down the filter bags. The accumulated dust cake is dislodged by the resulting shock wave and falls into the hoppers.The dust is conveyed from the hoppers away from the fabric filter by an ash transport system for beneficial re-use or disposal.

ATS control system provides plant operators with the flexibility to select the best combination of operating modes and cleaning logic to maximize availability and minimize maintenance costs. The different modes can include online, off-line and manual cleaning.