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In a wet electrostatic precipitator (wet ESP) water is injected onto the surface of the collecting plates to achieve a thin film, it wll allow the removal of any deposition and keep maximum filtration yields. Indeed, in a wet electrostatic there is no back-corona effectdue to high resistivity of the dust, nor any re-trainement effect because of low resistivity, or, more generally, such equipment will not undergo to any effect related to dust resistivity. In addiction, in this system, with the injection of an alkaline reagent it is also possible to neutralise acid pollutants like SOx or HCl .

ATS has developed a full knowledge in the wet electrostatic precipitator design, both honeycomb or tubular type, in order to keep always the maximum efficiency of the system. A recent development in this domain is related to the use of such equipment to clean syngas coming from gasification or pyrolysis systems.