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The dry electrostatic precipitators are considered the standard with regard to the dust removal in many industries as, for example, the glass industry. This is to some peculiar characteristics of this equipment: which allows high operating temperatures, up to 470 °C, and at the same time are able to give good efficiency, about 90 - 99%, in order to allow the reach of emissions values as low as 20 mg/Nm3.

These devices utilize electric fields to move the particulate present in the gaseous stream on the collecting plates. Once on the plates such powders are removed by means of a rapping system, realized by the use of hammers in free fall which allow the vibration of these elements and the separation of the particulates by the same. The dust will be collected within particular hoppers and by the same evacuated with a system of screws.

Their structure allows a wide modularity of the ESPs that, regarding the process conditions, could be realized in one or more electric fields in series, and with different dimensions both in height and width in order to satisfy the customers requests and for the environmental limits and regarding the available place to realize such installation.