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ATS has been awarded of the contract for the realization of the new DeNOx SCR in the WtE plant of Pithiviers (France)

Thanks to the Pithiviers site, BEGEVAL, the Beauce-Gâtinais Valorisation union treats, and valorises, municipal solid waste from three other unions: Sitomap (Pithiviers region), Sirtomra (around Artenay) and, finally, SICTRM (from the Loing valley up to the Seine-et-Marne department). Altogether, the waste of 156,300 inhabitants is valorised, spread over 170 municipalities.

In 2018, the Beauce-Gâtinais Valorisation furnaces incinerated 62,000 tons of municipal solid waste out of 64,000 authorized tons. So with an excellent rate of use of the gratings that currently reaches 97.8%. BGV's skills have also doubled. The first is the ability to treat waste, by means of a selection of the recyclable fraction (newspapers, plastic packaging, aluminum, steel, cartons), and through the incineration of solid urban waste. Finally, the other great competence is the valorisation of the same, in particular thanks to the sale of heat and electricity, produced by waste-to-energy plant.

The technical changes foreseen in the contract will allow, among other things, to make the plant more reliable and to anticipate the evolution of the nature of the waste treated: the bicarbonate injection systems will be modernized and added to the most innovative DeNOx systems as regards the flue gas treatment.

Aerial view of Pithiviers WtE


Precisely in this context, BEGEVAL has reached an agreement with ATS for the construction of performing DeNOx SCRs on the two incineration lines of the Pithiviers plant. 

The Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plant of Pithiviers is composed by two incinerations lines, in particular:

  • 2 gratings Von Roll L1 et L2, with a capacity 2 x 4 t/h of waste with a PCI of 2.350 kcal/h.
  • 2 boilers for the energy recovery at 40 bar, 380°C and 12,7 t/h of steam, the energy is split between a GTA of 3,9 MW and a district heating.
  • 2 flue gas treatment lines composed by: a DeNOx SNCR with urea injection, a fabric filter with bicarbonate and PAC injection.

With the aim of reducing the General Tax on Polluting Activities (TGAP), BEGEVAL has decided to equip itself with two catalytic DeNOx in order to respect emission values among the lowest in the region. For this purpose ATS has proposed a low temperature catalytic system capable of meeting all our customer's performance requests and being able to guarantee performances that go well beyond the initial demand, all this to the benefit of the surrounding environment.

The improvement in performance will also be reflected on the emissions of HCl and SO2 as, again as part of this operation, the existing bicarbonate mills will be replaced with the use of more modern and performing systems, thus allowing to also treat the peaks of pollutants that could be present on time.

Furthermore, as an additional service, it was requested within the tender specifications to recover the residual energy of the flue gases with a system that allows to provide energy to the malt production unit located near the plant.