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ATS demonstrates 'advanced sustainability performance' with EcoVadis Silver Medal 2021

Companies have long ceased to be mere economic agents with the sole aim of creating profit.

As part of the society in which they live, they must also operate in a responsible and sustainable way to contribute to the well-being of their stakeholders, be they customers, employees, partners, and, more generally, the whole society and the planet we live in.

All this without forgetting respect for the environment and corporate social responsibility.

ATS has always been 100% committed to this philosophy: for every decision to be taken, for every evaluable alternative, it aims to make the world we live in better, within the limits of its possibilities and capabilities. Proof of this is that our own motto, chosen now more than 30 years ago, reads:

the air you will breathe tomorrow

All this must also be demonstrated in deeds and not just in words.

For this reason and with pride we announce a goal that we have achieved with commitment and dedication: the EcoVadis 2021 Silver Medal. A recognition that certifies ATS compliance with social responsibility and corporate sustainability.

EcoVadis is an international (and independent) rating agency that is committed to promoting improvements in the sustainable management of the supply chain through methodologies based on international sustainability standards (Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000).

The sustainability practices assessed by EcoVadis refer in particular to four thematic areas: ethics, environment, work practices and human rights and sustainable purchasing.

ATS obtained an overall score of 73/100, placing itself in the 25% of the best rated companies.